Our Vision

A Trusted Voice for Faith-Based Care

DHA members are committed to bringing a spiritual and religious faith values-based dimension to the provision of health services.  Spirituality has a positive effect on healing and plays an important role in people’s lives as they strive to find meaning and purpose.

Our Association’s members have a long history of faith-based health care in BC.  We are committed to preserving and protecting the values of the founders of the first health facilities in BC who saw and responded to the needs of the sick, the elderly and the poor in our communities by providing compassionate and professional care to all, regardless of their ability to pay or of their beliefs.

DHA members value the contribution of volunteers in health care.  Our governing boards are comprised of committed and unpaid members of our local communities who give selflessly of their time and professional expertise.   Their goal is to operate facilities that honour the interrelatedness of life, that respect the religious values and spiritual traditions of all British Columbians and that promote an integrated and holistic approach to health and health services within the context of religious values of compassion and justice, as well as the five principles enshrined in the Canada Health Act:  accessibility, comprehensiveness, portability, universality and public administration.